One can bitch, one can moan.
Two can create a conversation about it.
Three can meta the fuck out of it and extrapolate reasonings, contextual markers, residual trappings.

One can do all these.
But one is trying to make good.

The point of this place, this blog, is the sharing of music as much in the sonic sense as in the sense that once you're in, you're in. There are things I can say, here, that many would not care about or, perhaps - and don't presume I'm getting all Nazi and L33t, we're past presumptions: I am and I don't care if you think anything of that.
Now. one man has many subjective things to opine, vitriolically or in some kinda staid manner. This place is free form. Ultimate goal: sharing. Secondary: a place for people who get pained by the latest release because it's been all they've thought aboutfor the past two weeks, people who put a song on repeat for three hours only for it to get better, People who want to punch things in the face about how good the new Psy-reurgence is turning out.u

So, I need people to help keep the content flowing. Quite urgently. I'm kinda busy trying to make good, in the life sense - and blog readers ain't givin' no fucks 'bout that, yeh? Indeed.

So, if you read this and think you could post something as simple as a youtube link and a one-liner or maybe a mini-paragraph stating factoids about a new release - or committed effervesce of the suckdick nature AND if you think you could post something twice a week or so, please mail me.

The more the merrier: wider scope, both in voice and sonics.

Mail sadbirthdays@gmail.com
and I'll send you the passwords. I just want people that give a fuck. And I want this place to expand into something people can rely on -- interviews are welcome, weekly columns are cool, mixtapes - anything. There is no content restriction. As long as it's about music and the sharing of it - or ideas about it.
Please help me keep this running.