Tirzah is a London based musician who I’ve been following with great interest over the past couple of months after seeing her perform with Micachu for her Boiler Room set earlier this year.

She has recently put out  an EP, I’m Not Dancing, released on the increasingly prolific London-via-Berlin label Greco-Roman. The EP presents three (and a half) tracks of noteworthy calibre. The title track, I’m Not Dancing, is almost facile in its structure yet conveys a palpable complexity of emotion embedded in a very raw, gritty yet shimmering soundscape. The trend is continued with Inside Out, which combines alluring RnB-esque vocals with gloomy, churning synths. Tirzah and her beguiling take on D.I.Y pop are sure to find purchase amongst those who value the somewhat scrapyard approach to music that Micachu( who produced the EP) has shown over the past couple of years.

And yes, this EP was released more than a month ago already. STFU I’ve been busy.

Check out the video for I'm Not Dancing as well as Inside Out below.