Top 5 Covers

Had an urgent need to tell you of mine.

Feel free to post yours in the comments and I will add them to the post.
IF THEY'RE VALID. No. Just kidding. But not really, but kinda. Mostly.

My top 5 Covers. As of now, at least.

-- Because angular guitaring. Because Slits. --

-- Better than the Springsteen version: Because minimal. Because overdriven casio. Because somehow more frank and confessional than the original. And mostly because I am biased towards CFTPA. --
stream it from our mediafire. The correct version was NOWHERE.
CFTPA - Streets of Phily (stream on mediafire)

One of the greatest shows of timing and calm - anyone who has ever done looping live knows the terror of *just* being out, by like a 16th note.

Because it's REALLY REALLY REALLY good.

Please tell me this cover of New Order's 'cover' isn't great.
Bet you can't.