It's Wildly Important That You Listen To This.

It is also of vital import that you follow, in no uncertain terms, the following, helpful and necessary instructions:

1.Put your headphones on.
2.Have the decency and respect to disable any EQ modifications your system may or mayn't have.
3.If you have a decent streaming speed you may click that coggy-guy on youtubesels and make it at 720p.
Done? Good.

If, unfortunately, you have no cans but 
do have the capability to play it
you may do that instead.
        Also: If there are any oher people about                                               who give as many fucks as you do

                                      you must drag them and tell them to
                                     SIT THE FUCK DOWN and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
                                           If they protest, you should ignore it.

And, now, you may click play.

You are now listening to the album of the year.
I say that fully conscious of the repercussions I be proven wrong, which I won't. I say it conscious of it's inherent absurdity(this year ain't over yet). I truly understand of the weight of such a statement to a true believer.
But this is the album of the year. And there are reasons. Vastly important and transcendent ones.
This world that they have crafted - out of sheer will and brutal urgency, this completely fully realised place constructed of manipulations of sound is so tangible and immediately engaging.
Which is unavoidably, really. It batters and forces itself on you and there is no way to avoid it - no way to master your own perception of it, it is GIVEN to you. And I hope they realise the burden they have crafted for themselves - something that, for other musical reasons of less importance is the reason Radiohead became exceedingly shit and tedious.
And, like with The Raveonettes, there is now no reason to EVER listen to anything else the band has made before, or will make ever again: since they have now ruined their careers.
I will only listen to Lust Lust Lust. Any other LP is pointless.
But, see, this album even transcends the vastness of that:
it exemplifies musical progression in all it's manners and forms.
This has all been done before, really. But not like this, no.
This music has, like the mythical battering ram of Sauron, Grond bashed down a knowing we have known since we ever knew that we could know: sound can be narrative.
And this is, via its absolute pandemonic forward thrash, via the force and brutality of being absolutely and richly itself pure sonic narrative. And the narrative is strong, and so believable that the reality of what they have done is going to be quite that thing whenst - unless they have already - realised it.

And you don't even have to like it.